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Why should I book a consultation, it seems a lot of money?

Take a look in your wardrobe, I bet there are clothes and shoes in there that you’ve bought and never worn. You try them on again and again but can’t work out why you don’t like it or don’t feel confident enough to wear it. Now add up the values of all the clothes and shoes you have never worn and I bet it totals more than my most expensive service. You can save that wasted money in the future by investing in the knowledge you gain from a consultation and avoid these mistakes in the future.

What measurements do you take?

I only take two round measurements, around your ankle and wrist to identify your bone density and up down measurements to identify your proportions as part of the Style Consultation.

Will I have to undress?

Not at all! The Style Consultation is about identifying how you look IN your clothes, not out of them.

What should I bring with me?

As a Colour Consultation identifies your skin tone I need a make up free face to work with, therefore I advise clients to bring their make up with them for application after the consultation.

What's the benefit of having a Style or Colour Consultation?

The knowledge you gain from both of these services will empower you to make better choices when clothes shopping, avoiding costly mistakes which hang in your wardrobe forever. You will essentially shop better saving not only money but also time and you will feel confident in the knowledge that you are buying the right clothes to enhance your assets and hide your least favourite parts of your body.

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