Ruffles are HUGE this Spring Summer 2017 season, now thats not a reference to their size, more their popularity and ease of availability on the High Street. When it comes to ruffles you must remember that they are and will always be the main feature of your outfit and therefore will automatically draw people’s attention to them. Therefore Stylissimo “Style Rule Number 1 ” is for you to wear ruffles on a part of your body that you like and feel confident about, as the ruffle will automatically draw attention to that area. They WILL NOT hide anything, so don’t use them to “hide a multitude of sins”. Like it or not the ruffles will be your outfits focal point, so why not draw positive attention to an area you feel confident about and boost your self esteem when people compliment your fab style choices, your on trend look and are looking at the best bit of your body.

Stylissimo “Style Rule Number 2” is consider the size of your ruffles and ensure they are inkeeping with your overall ‘scale’. Your scale is dictated by a number of measurements which combine to give you a personalised ‘scale’ which is based on your bone density as well as shoe size, height and other factors. If you wish to learn more about this you can book a Style consultation with me, but to get you started simply consider your size in general. If you are petite then concentrate on wearing ruffles that are inkeeping, ie small and neat, if you are taller or broader then maybe your ruffles can be bolder and bigger. In short keep any ruffles inkeeping with your personal size so that you don’t appear drowned or overpowered by what can be a fab addition to a look.

Ruffles are appearing on every type of clothing item and in every conceivable place you can think of, on the arms of your knitwear, down the front of your dress, on the shoulders of your tops or even across your shoulder blades.

I love this Topshop Ruffle skirt as the vertical detail of the skirt will draw the eye up and down thus elongating and slimming legs, however this is one to be cautious of if you are not comfortable the size of your hips.Topshop Ruffle Skirt

Create a fun feature of what could be a plain traditional staple with this Marks & Spencer Crisp White shirt with ruffle sleeves. This will draw attention to your arms and elongate and make you look taller as the eye will be drawn up and down the body giving you the illusion of being taller.


This fab shirt is yet to be released, keep an eye out here for it to land but there are some fab alternatives in the meantime if you click through.

Speaking of staple pieces, every girl needs a denim jacket in her wardrobe which will act as a great transitional piece to see you through from cooler months to the warmth of spring. This fab Primark jacket is a steal at £18 and will have you bang up to date trend wise.

Primark Ruffle Denim Jacket £18

Marks & Spencer are having a moment, with a few fabulous pieces giving a much needed boost to their collections and brand. I’ll be camping out on my local stores doorstep awaiting this chic khaki ruffle dress. The wrap style is great at complimenting girls with hips and narrow waists and khaki is a staple base colour for us blondes, less harsh than black and more warming than grey.


Stripes will also be a popular trend this SS17 so why not combine two trends in one with this fab River Island ruffle one shoulder blouse, showing a little sexy shoulder. I would style this tucked in a pair wide leg navy/white trousers to balance out the ruffle, or casually with jeans and heels bringing a pop of silver metallics through a clutch or heels for an evening look.

River Island Ruffle Blue striped shirt £32

River Island Blouse £32, keep an eye out for this hitting the stores

More Spring Summer Trends coming up so please do stay tuned. Tag me in your instagram posts @stylissimouk where you may be wearing your ruffles out and about, look forward to hearing from you all.




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