Red Carpet Glamour – Golden Globes 2017

As the January blues kick in for most, I’m beyond excited to see the red carpet glamour the award season has to offer as we kick off with the 74th Annual Golden Globes. I LOVE red carpet fashion. I get giddy with excitement waiting to see who will “bring it” on the red carpet.

I have to admit I do have some favourites when it comes to the red carpet style but always wish to remain open minded as the stars can switch up their style (or lets be fair their stylists!) so remaining open to new and exciting looks is important to me. Last night I was disappointed with my usual favourite Sarah Jessica Parker for example, who, wearing Vera Wang looked like a homage to Princess Leia and her own SATC wedding dress. I found it dull and uninspiring, frankly I expected more. As I want to focus on the evenings fashion winners lets move straight past this and onto who I thought really delivered to a high style standard to show you exactly what I mean.

There were some key trends being noted including the usual staples of Metallics and Sequins, Monochrome I’ve chosen two fantastic youthful and modern takes on the trend. Girlie princess glamour through feminine florals and lace played stark contrast to the sexiness of plunging necklines and finally some trends are simply timeless.

Metallics were delivered by the stunning gowns of Kelly Washington in Dolce & Gabanna, I LOVE this dress! I love that its not a traditional floor sweeper opting for a midi length, showing off just a slither of sexy ankle. I love the gold lace shimmering and clashing against the cool platinum and black of the embellishment on the shoulders. I chose a photo of this look with Kelly’s hair swept back, I was disappointed to see her hair down as in some shots it covered the intricate bead work on the shoulders which in my opinion make this gown. Hair, Make up and accessories, simple elegant and on point.

When you have a husband as beautiful as Ryan Reynolds, well damn Blake Lively has to bring it and oh my goodness she looks sexy as hell in this Atelier Versace gown. The dress shows off her curves in “the” most perfect way, normally I would look to avoid drawing attention to hips (with the metallic pockets) but in this case the hands on the hips with matching emerald cuffs and metallic pocket detail helps make this dress perfection. This girl KNOWS how to work a red carpet, the pose is perfect and is always aimed at ensuring she maximises her figure and clothing. Be inspired girls, to stand tall, own and be proud of your curves and do a “Blake” because this girl looks incredible.

As I don’t watch Blackish I have to be honest I did have to google Tracee Ellis Ross, and did a double take as she channels those iconic images of her mother (Diana, if its not obvious) with her hair and make up, but for me it was the dress I noticed first and foremost as she stepped onto the red carpet. Like with Kelly’s dress I love that its midi length, this Zuhair Murad gown is the opposite to normal floor sweepers and highlights that the Globes are much more relaxed than the Oscars. Again I love how the gown clings to her curves, amping up the sexiness of the look. The matchy matchy shoes are perfect, elongating that small slither of skin on show and the toned down make up and hair allows the dress to literally shine. I’m not so keen on ALL the rings, personally I think they just blend into the dress unless she pulls this pose holding them up. I would have styled this dress with one, large stunning diamond ring and elegant neat diamond earrings as the area around Tracee’s face feels a little bland and needs just a little something subtle to pull everything together.

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Processed with MOLDIV

Another big trend was Sequins and I had a pleasant surprise when I saw Drew Barrymore, normally a bit too boho with her red carpet attire for my liking I do love this Monique Lhuillier gown. Plunging necklines we’ll come back to but it as the sequin detail on this gown that I loved as again it was all about celebrating the female form with the detailing enhancing and complimenting Drew’s shape. Yes ok her hair looks like it could do with a good brush, but hey, its Drew, she is that boho chick and actually I do like her hair with this gown as it gives it a bit of an edge by not being too “done!”.

Nicole Kidman, I mean WOW, yes yes of course she is wearing Alexander McQueen and we all know how much I love McQueen but look at it! It deserves adoration! I love the sequin swirling detailing, intricate and beautiful as it is for me its the hot SS17 trend of ruffle sleeves that tip the balance and make this a beaut for me. I’ve seen ruffles everywhere for this forth coming season from Primark to Marks and Spencer, if you want to update your wardrobe and bring a bit of Spring in to your looks ruffle sleeves is worthy of investment. Nicole slays in this look, with her done undone up do, smoky eye and alabaster skin, no fake Cali tan here thank you, pale is the new black!

Thandie Newton goes full on contrast in this flame inspired sequin gown, I love the bold clash of the two colours but she nails it with her plunging necklace at the back with her perfect pony almost becoming a part of the feature of the jewellery. Simple, elegant, stunning! Love it.

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Processed with MOLDIV

The next trend that appealed to me was the Feminine Florals and Lace looks that Lily Collins, Michelle Williams and Kirsten Wiig wore.

Lily Collins was one of the first looks I saw, it jumped off the screen at me. Another Zuhair Murad its in stark contrast to Tracee’s dress, she looks princess like with a twist of red carpet classic glamour in this gown. I love the transparent neckline and that the floral detail creeps up her body like its a living plant growing and covering her modesty. The hair and make up has to be my favourite of the night by far, her beauty is perfectly accentuated here, I’m going to find her make up artist on instagram and stalk them for ideas!

I love that Michelle Williams takes risks with her red carpet looks, but always has an air of classical red carpet glamour that harks back to the golden era and you always feel that her looks are the ones we will look back on in years to come as examples of aspiriational red carpet glamour. Michelle wears Louis Vuitton, a simple, elegant style suiting her elfine like body shape perfectly! I love that she rocks the cold shoulder and choker trend in a way that makes all the high street versions look cheap, this is another level of the trend.

Speaking of keeping an open mind to style influencers, I have to admit Kirsten Wiig has never really grabbed my attention but last night she did just that. After watching her over the weekend (I admit to watching Ghostbusters alright!) I was pleasantly surprised to see this super cool cropped hairstyle and gorgeous lace Reem Acra dress, I love how its cropped and shows off a bit of leg. Had the sheer cover continued to the floor I don’t think I would have liked this as much as I do with the flash of skin underneath. This look was a warm and pleasant surprise for me, its feminine, slightly edgy but without being too much of a risk. I like it.

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My favourite trend of the evening has to be the Plunging Neckline, with very little cleavage on show (I’ll forgive Jessica Chastain just this once) the plunges were more class and less trash I’m pleased to say as there’s nothing worse than someone rocking a belly button grazing plunge with their girls literally clinging on for dear life putting the tit tape to the test ;0)

My three top choices for this trend include two of my all out favourite looks of the evening. My number 1 look of the evening is Jessica Biel, she looks INCREDIBLE in this Elie Saab gown. It plunges dangerously low and with this thigh high slit she could be accused of showing too much skin. But I would challenge that, as its not the key feature of the dress, the amount of skin on show is over shadowed by this skirt! The embellishment, the detailing on it, the pattern, the whole thing says look at me! The plunging neckline compliments the skirt by almost drawing more attention to the skirt as the eye is drawn down the body when you look at the top, if she had more coverage on the top I think it would have made the dress boring and less sophisticated. I love it. She is stunning, and as a couple with JT they were by far the hottest couple on the carpet and I am considering Ryan and Blake in that statement so I don’t take that decision lightly lol.

Last night it was all about the power of K, and not that lot off the reality tv programme! Kristen Bell was another K that stepped out and into my best dressed list. Another actress that I don’t really notice on the red carpet I must admit, she shone out in this black sequin Jenny Packham plunging gown. Again the cleavage was played down which for me is what makes this dress super sexy, less is most definatley more! I love how it looks like a tuxedo, and that the hair and make up is sexy and loose. Normally you would not add more bling to a look like this, but I love how the stylist adds the diamond cuff and chandelier earrings to it sheer perfection.

Ok so Jessica Chastain flys in the face of my previous comments about less cleavage being more sexy, but I’m going to defend my position by stating that while the neckline plunges its not a belly button sweeper so I feel justified in including this sumptuous Prada gown in my top three for this trend. Her dress plunges but again her cleavage, while evidently on show, I feel enhances and works with the shape of the gown perfectly accentuating her curves and again celebrating that girls with curves look amazing. I would have replaced this necklace with something that stayed on the collar bone to detract from the decolletage, take the long section off this necklace and this would have been much better. I think the pastel blue is a bold choice for this event as Spring is so far away but the shade is perfect on her delicate skin tone and I love the shape and sequin detailing.

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Monochromes took a modern twist with my two style mavens. Evan Rachel Wood looked incredible in this custom made Altuzarra tuxedo and pussy bow blouse. I saw her on the red carpet and this was cut to perfection, styled with a monochrome sweeping quiff her look was refreshing, modern, cool and gave her stand out in the style stakes. Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones, has fun and takes risks with her red carpet looks and last nights was no different. Her Louis Vuitton dress plays with geometric lines and angles, the sheer panels play with the eye accentuating how the dress hugs her figure. Fun, sexy and youthful with a real modern feel this is perfect for her age. Its simple and yet complex in its cut and styling. I love how different both these looks are and how they take a bland pallete and really play with it.

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Some trends are timeless. Stunning classical beauty enhanced by impending motherhood and a perfectly cut Prada gown. Natalie Portman is the epitome of Hollywood Glamour and red carpet style. Hot Momma does not even come close to describing how stunning she looks, Natalie will be that timeless Hollywood star we WILL look back on in the future as the perfect red carpet look.


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