The Magic of Liz Earle

For many years my dear friend Carey would wax lyrical about the magical qualities of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, she literally couldn’t live without it. We were fresh out of University so cash was thin on the ground and the chance of using a luxury beauty product was highly unlikely, Carey would eagerly await the package arriving from home as her mum would treat her to this must have item.
Now at that time a “beauty regime” was not high on my agenda, twenty something and my skin was luminous with little make up or effort. But as we all know this doesn’t last and as I look back on that period with jealousy (while slapping a full face of make up on to do the school run) it is the reason why when asked to review the product I hastily accepted. I appreciate that beauty blogs are not my normal thing and will add that I haven’t been paid to review the product either, I accepted because I have heard so many great things about this product that I wanted to try it out for myself.
Why not try it before now?
Well, honestly I always saw this as a product you would buy from QVC and I’m not a QVC type of person. Call me a snob, but there’s something about the second hand car salesman techniques they use on the channel that leaves me a little cold. Now whether Liz Earle do actually distribute through QVC or not I’m not actually sure so maybe thats my ignorance here but it is the truth as to why in twenty odd years I’ve never been motivated to try it.
I was thrilled when the doorbell rang and the package (this time for me and not Carey) had arrived.
I always have great caution when trying new skin care or make up products as I have very dry skin which can be exacerbated and cause eczema I tend to find a product that works for me and stick religously with it.
With many cleansers I find they dry my skin out terribly, Clinique is particularly harsh on my skin causing it to feel taught and dry upon use and even dryer and often cracking the skin afterwards. My normal regime is to use make up wipes to remove make up at night and a plain face wash in the morning with water. No cleanse, tone and moisturising for me as I have had so many problems in the past.
I started using the Hot Cloth Cleanser as soon as it arrived and 4 days in and my skin feels luminous again, honestly, it feels lovely.
The product feels silky and smooth as it goes on, I wear contacts so have to be careful with make up removal products near my eyes but this cleanser is so gentle I had no problems covering my face and eyes with the product and then using the muslin cloth (which you soak in hand hot water) to remove the product and all the make up. In one application everything came off, including mascara, often with cheap make up wipes you have to use at least two to get everything off but this product did it all in one go. Afterwards my skin feels soft and supple, I almost feel like moisturiser isn’t necessary it feels that nice, no harsh drying effects and no spots or eczema.
The other thing I like is that when you wash the cloth afterwards all the make up disappears, I thought there would be some residue left over but there isn’t and you get a spare cloth included in the package ensuring that you have nice clothes to use as the bottle looks like it will last a while.
So, after twenty years I can now say in all honesty…Carey was right…the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is amazing and if you are still struggling to find that last minute Christmas present I would recommend it whole heartedly you can still have it in time for Christmas if you order before the 22nd

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