Summer Staycation

If like me you are planning a Summer Staycation, holidaying right here on the English Riveria, our biggest fashion challenge is to pack the right clothes for the weather. For me the key is layering, thin layers that co-ordinate to make up a number of outfits.

Top Tip No. 1 – lay out your planned holiday wardrobe on the bed, place together all your jeans, tshirts, vests, jumpers, shirts, dresses, shorts and shoes. So that you can clearly see what you have.

Top Tip No. 2 – Be honest with yourself, does it really fit? Will you really wear it or are you just taking it “just in case”? My suggestion is to only take your very favourite items that you know you like and feel good wearing, put away and forget everything that you have taken out.

Top Tip No.3 – With the remaining clothes on the bed start to look at the colours and textures of each item of clothing, work out what can and will go with other things? Paying particular attention to what can be layered on top of each other to give warmth if the weather turns and what can co-ordinate with other items within your collection to give you multiple outfits.

Top Tip No. 4 – If you stick to a set colour palette (preferably one based on a Colour Analysis like the ones I can offer) which you know suits you, ensuring that each colour or shade will co-ordinate with each and every piece in your wardrobe. My palette consists of dark wash blue denim, off white, navy, sage/forest green, grey, mint green, stone, burgundy and tan. Everything co-ordinates with each other and allows me to pack a capsule wardrobe.

Top Tip No. 5 – Once you’ve analysed what you’ve already got you can identify what you need to buy or replace, filling the gaps, to ensure you have everything you need for a capsule wardrobe.

Everything should work well on it’s own but also allowing you to layer items over each other just in case the weather decides not to play holiday ball! My go to layering pieces include a long sleeved denim shirt, I’ve had mine for years! I layer it with literally everything including vests/t’shirts/long sleeved tops/dresses and jumpers. If the weather is warmer and I just need a bit of arm coverage to battle a slight chill I’ll roll the sleeves up and wear it almost as a jacket. But if the weather really turns it can be worn under a thin jumper to give a little warmth. I prefer a more chambray feel to the denim, as a true denim shirt is too stiff to layer over the top of. My high street LustHave’s would be this one from Next

I prefer a dark wash to my denim, and love styling double denim outfits as well as blue denim on white denim with tan sandal wedges or flats.

If you prefer a paler wash this one from Zara is in the sale reduced to £19.99

If you are layering a denim shirt or shirt dress over tshirts or vests, my tip would be to keep the tshirt/vest plain with no motif’s or detail in toning colours with your long sleeved pieces so that they will easily slip underneath.

I have said it before but I’ll say it again, a multi wear piece for your wardrobe would be a shirt dress. Long enough to be worn on it’s own as a dress (outfit no. 1), or layer it over jeans (outfit no. 2), or even as a beach cover up once you’ve had your wear out of it (outfit no. 3). Here I am putting my money where my mouth is wearing a fab Gap shirt dress for Sunday dinner this week. The weather couldn’t make it’s mind up, one minute it was cloudy the next bright hot sunshine. This outfit saw me right all day, at no point did I feel cold or too hot, perfect.

My shirt is Gap (upcycled from a friend), jeans are Zara, Necklace is Primark, Wedges past season River Island.

I prefer for shirt dresses to have a long sleeve, that way you can have warm arms if you need it or the option to roll them up if the weather warms up.

I have been in love with this Italy 0039 at Cure shirt dress since it arrived. It’s made of cotton so it’s nice and light, easy to pack and quick whizz with the iron once unpacked will look fab.


The pattern is striking but not over powering and has these nifty tabs to hold your rolled up sleeves in place. Sign up for the newsletter as the sale will be coming soon and you may well get a bit of a bargain on this one ;0)

If pattern isn’t your thing, this Stone Shirt Dress from Mint Velvet is a great colour and will allow you to layer it and style it with many other pieces in your wardrobe due to it’s Neautral tone.

 My final go to piece would be a thin but warm jumper, as much as we hate to acknowledge it the likelihood of having glorious weather in England during the summer is unlikely so best to be prepared.
My absolute must would be a nautical jumper or stone coloured to tone with the denim/white/grey in my wardrobe but when I searched for such piece in current stock I fell in love with this from Jack Wills

It has a nautical feel I suppose, and it is navy! But I think it’s a really cute alternative with the white zig zag detail.

I swear by Zara’s cashmere esque jumpers, they wash well and look and feel like real cashmere. They are not currently in stock but look out for them in their AW collection, they are a steal at around £25-30 for how they look and feel. 

Don’t forget  – Get Organised.

                       – Work out your co-ordinating outfits in toning colours

                      – Only buy what you need ensuring it co-ordinates with your     

                        current summer wardrobe.

Send me your Summer Style pics on Facebook or Twitter search Stylissimouk and let me know if these tips help you.

Next weeks blog will be Summer Essentials for your holiday abroad.

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