Met Gala 2015

 I was so excited to see what the ultimate night of fashion had to offer this year, it really needed to deliver after the headlines were grabbed by Mr Z’s altercation with his sister in law in the famous lift slap rather than for the red carpet looks.

The theme of the evening, as organised by Anna Wintour Editor in Chief of American Vogue, represented The costume institute’s newest exhibit, China Through the Looking Glass.

The exhibition shows the influence of Chinese art, imagery and culture, from Imperial China to the present day, on Western fashion and design.

It’s best to split my blog in two as some celebs really delivered on the theme, this is in my humble opinion of course given the controversy around the theme. Some bloggers/writers predicted the Celebs would make a hash of the theme by interpreting it incorrectly and potentially causing offence. I hope not to make any faux pas with regards to the cultural influences I have identified, but will make a disclaimer that this is not an area of my expertise. The other part of the blog will be dedicated to those who, in my opinion, missed the theme completely but still excelled in the fashion stakes.
My out and out favourite for keeping to the theme would have to be Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen 

The Daughter of Anna Wintour looked striking in this sumptuous gown. I adore the shape of the dress, with the slightly higher collar and plunging (but not revealing) neckline. I understand the blossom featured to be Plum Blossom which is one of the most beloved flowers in China, often depicted in Chinese painting and poetry. The back of the dress is stunning with intricate work which features two Heron’s or Cranes which are a Chinese symbol for longevity. The simple hair swept back and matching eye shadow colour are divine.

Here is a back view from

  The plum blossom features here with Cara Delevigne in Stella McCartney, I think this is awesome. Totally fierce! She has taken the theme and given it this youthful funky “Cara” edge, not one to be seen in flowing frocks out of choice she incorporates the theme by using body art which compliments the jumpsuit and jewel encrusted bra perfectly. It’s not a frock! So is it red carpet worthy? I think so, it’s still super smart and is so edgy it hurts. 

Love it!


Emily Blunt wore a custom made Prada gown, to me it felt demure and understated. It nodded to the Chinese theme as it had the silhouette of a Chinese mandarin collar dress, in a sumptuous silk embroiled fabric and I particularly loved the cape. Is it a red carpet stunner? Will it grab headlines? No probably not but it suits her body shape, it fits her well and sometimes less is more. Gorgeous in my opinion. 

  Now then some of the glitterati didn’t keep to the theme of the evening in my opinion, stunning as they may well have looked I can’t seem to find how or why these fit the brief? Suggestions in the comments box on Facebook if you can see it, but honestly I can’t! ;0)

As much as I hate to admit it, this creation by Peter Dundas new to the Roberto Cavali house is simply stunning on Kim Kardashian West ,and it REALLY pains me to say this but she is picking up her fashion game incredibly since Kanye became an influencer in her life. Is he treating her as his own personal dress up doll? Or muse? I think so, but to be given the chance to wear such an incredible gown I may well be pursuaded to marry Kanye. Or maybe not!

I can’t really see where the Chinese influence is and I don’t believe many Chinese ladies would flash this much flesh but as a fashion creation its stunning! Especially with the simplified make up and minimal jewellery.

I love the accentuated shoulders, the cut away detail around the collar bone which can be such a sexy part of the body, the way it hugs her figure to perfection and the feather train *faints*. Perfect! Typical Kardashian style in that it is head line grabbing and attention seeking but give the girl her dues. It’s incredible.


I need to give a nod to Katie Holmes who knocked it out of the ball park in this incredible Zac Posen gown and her freshly cropped bob. The hair is so precise it could cut her, the shape of the dress is fab I especially like the cut out at the back very sexy. Katie’s back! Who needs that Cruise fella? I’m not sure what the symbolism of the clouds is and thus I’ve not commented on whether they are inkeeping with the evenings theme or not but they sparkle so they are certainly pretty.

Final notes must go to Sarah Jessica Parker in custom made H&M, who knew the High Street could deliver this stunning gown. I love the bold poppies and intricate detail on the embroided panel and the subtle inclusion of Jade bracelets which in Chinese culture symbolise beauty, perfection and power. The head dress by Philip Treacy is incredible and is becoming a bit of a theme of her own. It has had the mickey taken out of it with much hilarity across social media but you know what I like it! There I said it, I’ll no doubt get shot down for this but to me this is THE fashion event of the entire year and it’s the place where you push boundaries and go bold. Plus you couldn’t exactly wear it for Ascot now could you?

Speaking of bold! Well Rhianna is really becoming known for these “fashion moments” who remembers the see through dress and matching skull cap? There are fashion moments and then there is headline grabbing. 

I am not a fan of this yellow creation (for want of a better word), I don’t like the massive 80’s bows dotted all over the train, the embroidery is unique and worthy of note but the whole thing, the length of the train and the fur edging. Yuck! Yellow is just the right colour. Just because it’s designed by a Chinese native (Guo Pei) doesn’t mean it’s on brief. And who knew the Scouse  brow had made it all the way to New York?


Finally I think Beyoncé turned up to the wrong event, clearly she meant to attend the Grammys in this? Beautiful as it is, this Givenchy gown and Barbie esque hair would be better suited to the VMA’s or the Grammys but somehow not right for this event. Even Jay Z looks confused.

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