Golden Globes 2015

The start of the year is filled with dark nights, even darker moods as we all return to work after Christmas and the reality of our finances is painfully evident. The one thing that perks me up, as I know shopping isn’t an option, is that awards season kicks off Mid January and I can drool over some of the most amazing gowns.
Last night the Golden Globes 2015 kicked off in LA, as always I was super keen to see who looked fabulous on the red carpet.
In fear of being a broken record it seems that my choice outfits are from stars who regularly feature on my style crush blogs. I’m fearful of just championing my favourite style crushes but I have to be honest and say that these stars are by far the ones who deliver time and time again. Is it their own personal taste? or do they employ the best stylists? We’ll likely never now but if I tried to feature people I didn’t truly believe were stylish I wouldn’t be true to myself.
So now that I’ve given my disclaimer that I’m not just copying last years blog, here are my total favourites.
Kate Beckinsale features in my style crush blogs and pinterest boards a lot, I think she is super stylish and always seems to get it right.

The devil is in the detail with this Elie Saab dress, the cuffs match the embellished detail on the top of the dress. The cut of the dress is elegant, fitting her shape perfectly. Her accessories are in toning colours and are simple and elegant, allowing the dress the standout it deserves. The detail on the skirt elongates her legs and isn’t overtly sexy with a covered split. Simple hair and make up finishes the look off perfectly.
Helen Mirren simply should not look this good at her age. She’s setting the benchmark way too high for the rest of the actresses and us mere mortals.

Helen looks stunning in Dolce & Gabbanna, a fun vivacious red perfectly matched with a bold lip in the same colour. The dress hugs and skims around her incredible body, accentuating and complimenting her gorgeous curves. The jewellery, hair and even the pen accessory in tribute to Charlie Hebdo, all co-ordinate with the colours within the embellishment or the dress.
Emma Stone stood out for me as she took a fashion risk, wearing a Lanvin jumpsuit could have been considered a faux pas, as the “done thing” is to wear an evening gown to these red carpet do’s.

The embellishment on the top and the dramatic bow and train give this the wow factor worthy of such an occasion. I love how relaxed she approaches this outfit, no accessories, her hands in the pockets gives the outfit a real edge. Sometimes it’s “how” you wear something and the confidence with which you wear it, Emma’s relaxed stance says “I know I look good I don’t care what anyone thinks!”. I’m a big fan of jumpsuits, elegant and easy to wear, but pick the right one and they can be dressed up enough for most special occasions, just like Emma’s.
My final choice is Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

I love the dress, the intricate detailing within the texture of the fabric is extraordinary. The silver belt toughens the look up and stops it from looking like a wedding dress. My only thought would be to tone down the accessories. There is no need for the flower in her hair and the earrings plus diamond cuff and embellished bag is all just a bit too much. Take the flower away and the hair is much more elegant. Leave the earrings but take off the massive ring, and change the bag to something more simple and I think this would be just perfect.
My other choices from last night would be Emily Blunt in Michael Kors, which is pretty but I’ve seen her wear much better.

Kate Hudson features regularly in my blogs like Kate Beckinsale.

She looks smokin hot in this Versace gown, it is a tad risqué but when you have a body like that it would be rude not to wear something this stunning.
I’ll be featuring more from awards season in the coming weeks and I’m excited to see who wears what!

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