Emmy Awards 2014 – My Faves and Why?

We’re going to take a quick pause on my LustHave’s from the High Street for the forth coming season, as last night saw TV’s great and good grace the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2014 in LA.
I usually select my favourite dresses purely based on style and fashion, however this time I want to focus on who wore dresses to suit their shape and therefore in my opinion stood out from the crowd.
Firstly let’s take a peek at the Shaped girls, for those new to my blog Shaped girls have a defined waist and shape to their hips.
Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli was (and always is) knock out in this dress.IMG_0724.JPG
Sofia is the human version of Jessica Rabbit, she knows how to work her curves accentuating them and creating focal points. Firstly the vertical lines on the dress elongate her legs and torso with the thicker silver lines aiding the illusion of shape and making her waist appear even slimmer than she is. The shape of the skirts skims over, but hugs her curves without adding any volume to her hips. The straight neckline of the bustier top creates a focal point drawing the eye, and attention to one of greatest assets her décolletage. If you’ve got them girls, and love them, flaunt them. Also bear in mind that on all the photos I’ve seen of her, she stands with one foot in front of the other at a slight angle and therefore appears slimmer and less wide. A very clever trick if you ask me.
Vanessa Williams accentuates her curves in this peplum style dress.IMG_0719.JPG
The combination of the v neck and peplum accentuate her curves and tiny waist. A v neck complements her jaw line and minimises her boobs. The combination of the length of her sleeves, her pose with her hands on her hips and the cuff, ring and nails in blue all create a focal point of her small waist and shapely hips. Why? Because this combination of things draws your eyes to that point of her body and she’s clearly saying “check me out, I love my figure!”
Finally on my shaped ladies I wanted to include Danielle Brooks as she so nearly got it right, and it’s a great example of how to look at an outfit and what to consider to ensure it’s right for you. Danielle wore Nathaniel Paul

The great points about this dress is the different texture to the fabric on the top of the dress creates a feature (or focal point) of her boobs, chest and shoulders which are fabulous. The shape of the dress is great as it hugs her curves flattering them and the skirt element starts at the narrowest part of her body, her waist. The slit however, ends at the widest point of her hips thus drawing the eye to this area and is not complimentary. In my opinion this dress would work better for her if this slit wasn’t there, and if she had something else done with her hair as it doesn’t compliment the outfit enough.
Next up are our Semi Straight ladies, these are ladies with a little shape to their hips and a slightly defined waist.
Debra Messing looks fabulous in this Angel Sanchez gown

I love this gown as all the lines are all diagonal which means that they are elongating her legs and torso, but not too much as she is already a tall girl and doesn’t really need it. But they are not horizontal which would widen her. It’s sleek and elegant, following her shape without being tight and a great example of where you can wear something form fitting without it clinging to your lumps and bumps.
Anna Louis-Dreyfus in Carolina Herrara is another example of form fitted dresses.

The halter neck compliments her face shape, added to the detail underneath her bust makes her boobs look great, really perky. The belt accentuates her waist, without gathering the fabric up so that it bunches up, and the vertical pleats elongate her legs. The final touch is the cuff, which when she places it as she has here draws attention to her thighs at the point where they become more narrow.
Finally for the Semi Straight girls Sarah Silverman in Marni

The neckline of the dress compliments her face shape perfectly, and the plunging neckline makes an obvious focal point of her décolletage. However Sarah’s body is much shorter than her luscious long legs, the presence of the belt (as beautiful as it is) is accentuating this problem as it draws the eyes to this area. The shape of the dress is great for her body shape, but to avoid shortening her body I would take away the belt as the darts in the dress will lengthen her torso and make her earrings more of a feature with some big diamond drop earrings as this will draw the eye up to her face and away from her waist.
It’s a great example of what’s right and what’s not with the outfit, and just some hints on what to look for.

One thing that I think all these ladies have considered, and you must too, is the position of your clutch bag. Many of my featured ladies have assistants standing out of shot holding their bags so that it doesn’t create a focal point for the outfit, others though have positioned them in areas that they want people to look at like Danielle where the bag is placed next to the narrowest part of her thigh. For us normal girls though I’d suggest that if you like your boobs, tuck your clutch under your arm. If you don’t like your boobs, then hold it in your hand and hold your hand down by the side of your leg as this is more than likely to be the narrowest part of your thigh.

Finally I have to give kudos to January Jones from the fashion stakes point of view in this Prabal Gurung gown

There were many full skirt gowns at last nights event but in those cases the dress wore the woman, and the rule is that You Should Wear the Dress!
I think this works as, while January is very slim, she does have hips and shape to her body so a fuller skirt does work on her. The dress doesn’t over power her figure at all, the black darts narrow her waist even more and compliment the fierce heels which appear from under the dress just giving it an edge. I love how her hair, make up and jewellery is stripped right back with a simple bold lip. Stunning! This girl has so much confidence it oozes out of her, and you guys can have that too. You know when an outfit works and when it doesn’t, trust your gut instinct, if it doesn’t feel right don’t wear it! Confidence comes from within, if you look great you feel great.

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