Love them or a Hate them – Kim and Kanye

Never did I think I would ever write a blog about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the whole Kardashian thing passed me by and while I like Kanye’s music I’m not the biggest fan of his arrogance and the persona he has created for himself.
But when they got together as a couple, I like so many others became sucked into the Kimye phenomena and my obsession began.
Has my opinion of them changed, not really, she’s still bratty and spoilt and he is cautious on camera probably fearful of encouraging any negativity towards his behaviour. If all the news reports are to be believed he is arrogant, demanding, a perfectionist and short tempered especially with paparazzi. So it does bode the question why date and marry one of the most papped celebs on the planet? He’s just asking for trouble.
They are known for their obsession of all things fashion, he took time out from his “music” to undergo work experience at Fendi and Louis Vitton, applied (but was rejected ) to study at Central St Martins and has released his own fashion lines with the most recent for French label APC.
They are gathering support from certain fashion quarters, Anna Wintour popping them on her front cover is one of the biggest signs of approval you can get.. 20140323-150700.jpg
They both trot around the Globe attending Fashion Weeks, wearing multiple outfits, gaining column inches in fashion press and now little sister Kendall is appearing on some of the top catwalks including Givenchy.


I think we are witnessing a shift towards popular approval for the fashion credentials of this couple and the Jenner/Kardashian siblings. Call me a cynic but I think there is PR team behind all of this working towards brain washing us all in to thinking that Kimye are too cool for school. Remember how we all laughed and poked fun at David and Victoria Beckham wearing their matching leather biker outfits >

20140323-151929.jpg Now look at them ! Fashion Gliterrati >


So I pose the question do Kim and Kanye genuinely have style and or good taste in clothes or do they have an excellent PR and management team who will tell us and convince us they do? Kudos to Kim for her Oscars dress >

20140323-152516.jpg It was one of my favourites, with the simplistic hair and Make up but a bit booby considering she’s breast feeding. And the <a href=”

“>videoof their Vogue photo shoot is very polished indeed, I’ll let you guys decide on where we are currently in the evolution of Kimye, but I firmly believe we are mid brainwash and there is yet more to come! >


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