Dressing as a Pregnant Woman is hard enough

There are few things in life that make me this angry but ridiculing a pregnant woman on what she is wearing and her size is one of the most hideous things another woman can do. I am a massive fan of Fashion Police on E! and often chuckle away at Joan River’s close to the bone humour. But their Oscar special took it too far when Joan and the team tore into poor Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth’s wife) You can see the onslaught here E! Fashion Police In short they offer no constructive advice, tearing into this poor woman during a time when her hormones, emotions, confidence and self esteem are all over the place. What happened to sisterhood and girl power? And certainly not in keeping with International Women’s Day!
Shame on you E! clearly it was all in aid of grabbing headlines but have you turned off your predominantly female audience? You’re walking a fine line between good and bad taste.
This is the dress in question


There are a few things as an Image Consultant and Stylist I would have chosen to avoid when styling Elsa. The v neck and the waistline under the bump makes her bump the focal point. I would have opted for something fitted but not clingy and created the focal point with jewels around her stunning face. Elsa is beautiful and glowing and her outfit should have drawn attention to that. Fashion Police there’s being bitchy for laughs and then there is crossing the line, you crossed it. Shame on you Fashion Police your onslaught was totally unnecessary.

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