Is the Skinny Jean Over?

Many years ago I had a pair of fabulous Miss Sixty jeans that I lived in. Slouchy, ripped at the knees, big pockets on my bum (making it look smaller), hung perfectly from my hips. I loved those jeans! But alas they are no more, skinny jeans came into fashion and my Miss Sixty’s went to charity.
If only I had known that this style of Jean would come back with such a vengeance in the form of “the sexy boyfriend”. Every pair of jeans featured in magazine style sections is all about this style of jean, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so after much searching I decided on a pair of Gap 1969 deconstructed Sexy Boyfriend with 30% off at £34.97 they were a bargain.


They arrived today, cue a massive trying on session! Every pair of shoes and every combination of top I could think of was out, spread all over the bed and tried on with these jeans. They are awesome and despite their deconstructed nature do look really chic when teamed with the right thing.
Sadly no photos of me today, my hair is a state after being out in the wind this afternoon but my advice for choosing and styling these jeans is as follows.
When choosing a pair, while they should be loose fitting don’t buy a size or shape that is too big. They should be slouchy but don’t buy too wide a fitting and drown yourself, there is nothing sexy about that. Those of you with hips and a bum can wear them but avoid the leg being too tapered at the ankle as this will make you look wider at the hip, look for the straighter leg versions so that the line of the leg isn’t too angular and draws the eye up and down creating a straighter silhouette on the leg.
Styling wise they look sexiest with heels, a sexy top or blazer as seen on these Pinterest pics




Such a cool, chic day to evening look in my opinion and much more comfortable and forgiving than skinnies.
They even look cool worn as a daytime look with converse, ankle boots or flip flops and favoured by the likes Gwen Stefani, SJP, Rachel Bilson and my fave Style Crush Kate Beckinsale they must be worth a try…mustn’t they?



Well I have to admit, I’m totally converted and can’t wait to road test them tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong skinnies will always have a place in my wardrobe but for me, the jean of the moment is the Sexy Boyfriend!


  • I have been living in my denim peg jeans!! I’m after a pair of Mom jeans now….

    • Reply March 26, 2014


      I love how comfy the boyfriends are, and that you can switch them up to a going out look or dress down casual. Love them x

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