January Blues

If like me you are skint and counting the days till pay day the thought of going shopping for clothes, will give short term satisfaction but it will leave us feeling worse in the long run as our financial situation hasn’t changed.
So to keep the blues at bay and to cheer us all up I thought I’d have a sneak peak online to see what’s hitting the stores at the moment so that we can make a mental note of our favourite pieces to seek out on pay day as a treat to ourselves for getting through January.
Zara has a gorgeous biker jacket in this new season, this shape jacket is a great key piece to have in your wardrobe.

I am a little colour and print averse personally but every now and again something comes along and I fall in love with it and wear it to death, this Star shirt

20140112-191626.jpg is so pretty and a great alternative to ditsy floral prints if that’s not your thing.
I’ve used this close up shot to really show the print off as it’s too cute not to.
Zara has also come up trumps with some print trousers


There was a similar print dress in store before Christmas which my friend at work wears (and looks awesome against her jet black hair), it’s a fab print but remember the rules with scale. This size print should be worn by those with a small or petite scale otherwise it will make you look larger than you really are.
River Island have this lovely leaf print bodycon dress

And this bikini has a slimming effect with the White panels on the side creating the illusion of a slimmer frame. (Yes I’m looking at swimwear as the only other thing getting me through January is the thought of my summer holiday tee hee)

Warehouse have some bright colour popping pieces in their latest collection, this racing green shift

Taps into the colour trend without feeling too bright and thus won’t push your boundaries too much.
If bright colours scare you why not add a hint of colour through accessories, I love this gold and yellow spike necklace

I’d wear this over a white shirt with the neck open and dark blue jeans and killer heels. Love it.
This fabulous bag is top of my wish list, do not be surprised if you see selfies of me wearing this it’s just TOO nice…

Finally a floral piece available in a top as well, this dress is gorgeous perfect for multi tasking between work and play.


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