Christmas Party Frocks- Topshop Lust Have’s


The blog theme continues on from my River Island Top 5, I have for a while now thought myself too old for Topshop but given that it is the season to be jolly I wanted to check out their Christmas Party frock offerings just in case they have a cracker or two. (Sorry bad joke, I couldn’t help it)

First up is this beautiful Skater Dress


I love the detail at the back, this is a fab little dress! Perfect for those with wider hips, who generally have flat tummies this is great as the skirt will skim over hips and emphasise your flat tummy and tiny waist.
Topshop is just full of surprises, I love this leather PU dress

This is fab! I love dresses that are a little quirky, not your traditional “Party Frock” I mean who wants to look like they just stepped out of an American Prom! I love this as it’s just that little bit different and will suit those who like their clothes to make a statement. The shift shape would best suit someone with a straight silhouette, ie no hips..
If the Sixties is you’re thing then this high neck shift dress is perfect.

Such a cute shimmery dress, great for showing off fabulous pins! Again best suited to those with little or no hips as this is the best line to suit your shape.
Topshop carries a cheeky little brand called TFNC and I often covet their pieces, this sequin bodycon is very cute and great value for money. Sadly I can’t get a picture but click the link it’s worth it.
If shimmer and sparkle isn’t your thing lace may be a great option this peplum dress is another TFNC winner.
I especially love the back detail and peplums are a cute way of showing off curvy fgures.

Finally if black is a bit boring then this navy dress again from TFNC offers just enough party shimmer without being over the top.


I’m going to cheat and add one more to my “Top 5” , if I was going to buy a frock from Topshop this festive season it would be this one

It screams party to me, and navy is my go to colour alternative to black.

Topshop offered a few show stoppers but they were well over £120 and for the purpose of this blog my choices needed to be under £100 for those in need of something special without the price tag. I hope you like my choices, next up Zara!

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