Winter wrap ups

The magazines seem to be full of this seasons “It” coat, a rose pink generally oversized very straight coat.
And while pretty to look at I can’t help but think it’s not very practical.
Until last winter, my first on the school run, you would generally have known me to be the mum wearing THE most unpractical coat ever. Generally not warm enough, or with no hood, too short or too long. Even with guidance from my best friend I still choose style over substance purchasing one of those Aztec print oversized scarf come cape things. Her words still resonate with me now “that’s going to do your head in every time you need to pick the baby up, it’ll just fall right off your shoulders”.
Well, she was right! It annoyed the hell out of me and is residing somewhere in the back of the hall closet.
So when I look at these pretty pastel pink coats, I remember my lesson from last year and instead opt for something more practical but let’s face it the coat I choose will still need to be stylish.
I’ve trawled the latest releases and these are my high street lust have’s which tick the stylish and practical boxes.
No girl should be without a parka, and not the ’80’s type the boys rocked when I was at school, the parka of the season comes from River Island at £110

It looks super snugly, warm and has the single most important thing a mum on the school run needs…..a hood! After trying to do battle with a buggy, tantruming 4 year old, wind, rain, a brolly and a tree I have now decided that ALL coats for the purpose of the school run must come with a hood.
While my Aztec wrap thing from last year was not the most practical, I am drawn to capes but must insist ladies that if you have any need to pick your child up (my two year old flatly refuses to walk anywhere) please ensure the cape of choice has ARMS in it.
This one from Zara at £129

Is super stylish, it has a hood and arms my only advice if you are wide around the bottom this is not the coat of choice as anything finishing at your widest point will only make you look bigger.
A very traditional style of coat seems to be having a bit of a moment this year, the duffle coat features in most high street collections. Great for those with little shaping to their hips, this straight classic style coat looks good for work as well as the school run.
My stand out favourite is this Moleskin Duffle from Boden at £129

It comes in four different colours, in sizes up to 22, it has the all important hood and massive pockets for all the essentials you need for the kids. Zara have done a great grey duffle coat but to me while cute it reminded me of those “proper school coats” mum used to make me wear, stand out from the crowd in this bold orange number.
My final choice is this puffa coat from the Gap at £99.95

Puffa’s just look so snugly warm but be careful as they will add width so not great on bigger frames.
The coat I’m opting for this season is this one, from you guessed it Zara and in my colour Navy although the green looks lovely too.

And before you jump to conclusions, yes it does have a hood it’s in a sneaky pouch thing in the neck of the jacket. Why this one? It’s great for the school run as well as work so I can get my price per wear out of it.
You could still opt for the pastel pink coat, but they only look good when pristine and without dirty foot prints from toddlers mucky boots.

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