Virtual Shopping – The Future or Fad?

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I’ve just been watching ITV1’s Christmas Shopping Wars and was intrigued by its arguments related to consumer shopping habits.
It was the section regarding virtual mirrors that caught my eye, it seems the future according to technology company Cisco will have us using mirrors which use augmented reality, online, social networks and camera’s to try on our clothes virtually. Not sure what I mean take a quick peak to this video which demonstrates.

I was utterly intrigued by this, how realistic would the experience be? The technology apparently allows you to see how the fabric would fit your body and how it would move, but what about feel appeal? For many of us tactile types, the feel of the fabric is as important as the look of the piece so how would this technology over come this?
The journalist demonstrating the mirror in tonights programme showed us a less than attractive pink jacket which she described as “too bright” which led me to think about whether the technology could distort the colour of the piece and would it be able to truly show you how the piece would look against an individual’s skin tone.
Further research showed that the Cisco Style Me mirror is on trial at the John Lewis Oxford

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